Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today...

Ten years ago today I can remember pretty much everything about that day.  I was in my parents basement getting ready for work.  My dad had just gone upstairs to get ready himself and he had left the TV on the news channel.  Just as I turned the blow dryer off I heard the anchor man say the north tower had been hit..what?  I ran out to see what he meant and my world as I knew it changed.  That day I was glued to the television and news channels but today as I try to watch the same footage I change the channel.  It happened a decade ago but feels just like yesterday.
There are certain things I learned the weeks following the attack on our country and I wish I could un-learn them.  Words such as Jihad, Taliban, Muslim extremist and those horrible dictators names that planned the attacks are words I would love to not know but are now a part of our every day conversations.
This is the new world I will raise my children in and I accept that and will do my best to raise them with love for their Father in Heaven for blessing us to live in a country as great as this and to live without fear but with faith.
I am so grateful for the servicemen and women who defended us then and continue to now.  I thank their families who live without their loved ones for months on end as they serve tours to keep us and others safe.  I recognize your service and pray for you and your families daily.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Cute girls ready for church.  These are the dresses London and Colee wore to Isaac and Lea's wedding and now my girls are already wearing them!

 Luke and Emee play blocks a lot and this is Emee's look when he takes a block she does not approve of

 When Emee first wakes up the only thing she says is, 'Bub bubs" and wants to get in the crib with Luke...both girls love their little brother to pieces.
 Emee dressed in Snow White and listening to the Killers on the Ipod.  Mike has taught his girls to really enjoy music, especially the Killers.  They both know more songs than I do!

 a typical lazy saturday morning
 we went house hunting in St. George for Labor Day weekend and this is Colee and Mike having races at the park on the way home

Preschool at Traverse Elementary

We decided to send Colee to the new preschool at our new elementary and we LOVE it!  Her teacher, Ms. Sherri is fantastic and I think Colee is going to grow and learn so much this year.  I really like that it is at the elementary school so she can get used to it.  In making our move to St. George this is the one thing I am most sad about...leaving Colee's new school :(

 She was so excited to walk to school for the open house.

 Cute boy!

 visiting her new classroom and getting familiar with her new place
 all ready for her first day at the big school

Closing out summer 2011

Water parks 2011

 Little man had enough of the heat at the zoo and took a nap
 she was not into the train so the babies and I had to wait for the others to have all the fun

 Our girls were so excited to have daddy in their pool with them

 The Canyons Resort in Park City...we had the pool all to ourselves!

 This girl could spend hours upon hours in the water

our new favorite splash park in Alpine